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The Modern Love Study

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and noted compatibility researchers James Houran, Ph.D. and Rense Lange, Ph.D.

Thank you for assisting in this important survey. We are studying the variables that define stable relationships of a romantic and committed nature. Our goal is to create the best "relationship questionnaire" for use in future research to benefit couples.

You will be asked about 130 questions about your demographic background and the attitudes, thoughts and feelings you currently hold toward your partner and your current relationship. If you currently are not in love or in a committed relationship of some kind, you can still participate by thinking of the last person you loved and shared a committed relationship. If you have never been in love, think of the person you came closest to caring for in that way.

Click the link below to begin. Thanks in advance for your valuable participation. Please let your family, friends and acquaintances know about this survey as well. Send them to this webpage so they can also take part.

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